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Summary via Goodreads: The orphaned daughter of a cabaret performer, Lilly Aphrodite finds refuge at a Catholic orphanage-and a trajectory of reinvention, seduction, and danger begins. From urchin to maid, war bride to model, Lilly eventually finds her destiny as a famous silent-film star, and enters into a sweeping romance that, crossing decades and continents, becomes inextricable from the astonishing historical events unfolding around it.

My Review:

I'm a huge fan of historical fiction, so I enjoyed this book a lot. However, this book had a few flaws that I didn't like, but not bad enough for me to rate it three stars.

First, the characters were built very nicely, especially Lilly. Unfortunately, she came off to me as a fickle and weak-willed character after she passed childhood. I felt that she could have dealt with certain situations more assertively, and really needed to be bold.

The one thing that bothered me- the romance. Don't get me wrong, moving on from a first love is perfectly fine with me, but the romance just rubbed me the wrong way.
*spoiler* I really didn't like the ending. Seriously, WTF??? I know that life can't always have a happy ending, but that is some messed up shit. Lilly really needs to take better care of the ones close to her. And Eva. Oh. My. Gosh. I hated her so much when she finally showed her true colors as a jealous and insecure little girl. I felt that Lilly really didn't have any true friends, and she was always being used. ASSERTIVENESS. Come on, Lilly.

Anyway, the book was a nice overall read; the journey through Lilly's life was enjoyable. A good read for those who enjoy historical fiction near and before the time of Hitler.

Four chocolates!

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